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How to calculate caloric intake for clients who have both the goal of weight loss and muscle gain?


I am confused! I know with just a CPT under the belt, I am not qualified to give specific diet plans. However out of my own curiosity now, can someone please help me configure the amount of calories needed for a client looking to lose that last extra 10 pounds or so, while trying to add lean muscle mass.

My client is overall in GREAT shape and has come a long way. He has a goal of putting on some more lean muscle mass, while also trying to shed the last few pounds of fat he has around his hips.

Would you suggest he eat as if trying to simply put on more muslce mass?

Or would you suggest eating a calorie deficit each week?

I am very confused on this, I really can't answer his questions regarding this.


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Look at your question again. This is a body composition issue. All weight loss and gain is. We know that the focus on the scale is incredibly misleading. You can lose 7 pounds, woooohoooo! Seven pounds of what? Look at your client in terms of body fat and lean body mass. You know that cardio and diet play a huge role in cutting down the size of fat cells. Figure out what the goal is in terms of body fat and do the math to see what you need to guide your client to eat to achieve the goal. You know your client and whatever else sets them apart from your other clients. A food journal and change in cardio is always a good start!


Jul 22, 2013 - 09:41 PM

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